New Design Height Adjustable Memory Foam Cushion Swivel Office Chair

Do you have existing aches and pains? If your lower back gets sore, make sure your chair has adjustable lumbar support. If you’re prone to aching legs, make sure the seat has a sloped front (sometimes called a “waterfall edge”) to allow adequate blood circulation — and be sure your feet can comfortably rest flat on the floor. However, keep in mind that while a good chair can keep pain to a minimum, no chair can cure chronic pain — and experts agree that it’s best to alternate long periods of sitting with standing or walking around.

new design height adjustable memory foam cushion swivel office chair

Liftale & lowerable rotated headrest,used for ease neck pressure,
3D adjustable armrest,use easily operate flexibly,
S-shaped curve waist protection backrest Fan-shaped lumbar support,degigned acording to human spine physical structure,
Memory foam filler cushion,SGS certificated gas spring,Durable caster.